The important factors for evaluating quality of a block

 In this article we would like to introduce the main factors that everyone should consider when want to evaluate the quality of a block. we can divide these factors in two category. Common factors and particular ones. In this issue we describe the common factors.
1. the block should be without any open cracks. This kind of crack often create during the extraction of the block. closed cracks can be accepted if the length of them are limited to only one side of the block.
2. The dimension of block is very important in the quality of it. the ideal dimension is 300*200*200 cubic centimeter. Of course the density of the stone can affect on the applied dimension.
3.The color of the block should be uniform. existence of any stain with different color can reduce the quality of entire block.
4.The block should be without any significant cavity. Indeed, the dispersion of porosity on the surface of the block is also very important.

In the early future we will describe the particular factors.

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