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Buying Building Stone From Isfahan Stone

To buy building stone with high quality and variety in Isfahan, the best possible option is Isfahan Seng store. This store is known as one of the most reliable sources of building stone supply in Isfahan and serves its customers with all kinds of marble, granite, travertine, decorative stones and other stone products with quality and competitive prices.


Determining the need

This step involves a detailed analysis of your project needs, including the type of stone required (such as marble, granite, or travertine), the quantity of stone, desired dimensions and thickness, color and design of the stone, and aesthetic and functional requirements. Important factors such as financial budget, location of use (indoor or outdoor), resistance to natural factors and traffic, and desired technical specifications should also be considered.


Consultation with an expert

In this consultation, the expert will help you to define your needs and goals for your project, choose the right stone type, color, design and technical specifications. Also, the expert can provide the right resources for buying stone, compare the prices and quality of different products, and give you installation and maintenance recommendations.


Choosing the type, color and design of the stone

The type of stone must match the needs of the construction project. For example, if you need stone with high impact and traffic resistance, options like granite are more suitable. Also, the color of the stone should match the design style and fit with other elements of the building, and the design of the stone can increase the effect of beauty and design ideas.


Purchase and delivery

First, after going through the process of choosing and deciding on the type, color and design of the stone, you have to make the final purchase decision. This includes placing an order and making financial and contractual agreements with Isfahan Stone Pooya. Then, it is agreed, the delivery of the stones should be done on time and at the desired location. It is very important to ensure that the stones match your order at the time of delivery.

Wholesale sale of Isfahan Stone construction stone

The wholesale sale of building stone is offered by Isfahan Stone, as one of the most prominent suppliers of building stone in Isfahan and surrounding areas. With years of experience in this industry and access to mines and well-equipped production units, Isfahan Stone supplies all kinds of marble, granite, travertine, and high quality decorative stones in bulk. The company ensures that its customers benefit from quality materials and competitive prices and benefit from a wide variety of stone types for various construction projects. Also, Isfahan Seng provides technical consulting and transportation services to its customers so that the purchase and delivery process is done in the best way.

Wholesale of construction stone

Types of building stone

Mining Stone

Stone Mining

Mining is an important process in the mining industry. In this process, rocks are extracted from underground mines or surface mines. This process is divided into several steps:


Mining discovery

First, to extract the stone, the mineral that contains the desired stone must be discovered. This stage includes geographical and geological research.



Drilling machines are used to obtain minerals. These machines separate the stones from the mine with the help of blasting or mechanical drilling.



Excavated rocks must be transported to a suitable factory or processing center. Trucks, conveyors or trains are used for this.


Processing process

Excavated stones may require further processing. This process may include crushing, washing, separating and cooking.

Special discount for purchases over 500,000 dollars

By placing your order above 500,000 dollars, you can enjoy a 5% discount on Isfahan Stone Festival.